We have opened a second pool with the TICKER "DEZN2", for this pool we only charge 2% tax.


 About us


Our goal is to achieve the best possible rewards together with you. 


Check our Stake pool "DEZNT" in Shelley ITN Explorer.


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About the project


Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain project and uses the staking algorythm.

It is developed by the following companies and foundations: 

Find out more about Cardano, ADA, and staking at Adatainment.


How to stake

  • Download and install the Deadalus or Yoroi wallet from the Official Website.

  • ​Open the wallet with mnemonic phrase.

  • Choose  "DEZNT" from the list.

  • Confirm the delegation with your spending password. Your ADA will only be delegated and you are always in possession of it.